Welcome to the AK Resourcing jobseekers area. We are here to find you the right job. Our business depends on our ability to place people in the right position so that they will be happy and productive. We are definitely not in the business of putting square pegs into round holes. Our reputation confirms this. We focus entirely on your requirements and find you a position that matches your specific skills, experience and needs.

Permanent Employment

Are you tirelessly hunting for that perfect permanent position? Feeling frustrated that you may not be knocking on the right doors or looking in the right places? At AK we understand the problems that are faced in the job hunting process and can alleviate the pain and frustration by matching your needs and skills, to one of the many specialised company’s on our ever growing database.

Temporary or Contract Employment

At AK Resourcing, our aim is to deliver the position that best suits your needs, whether it is delivering an opportunity to enhance your abilities and gain the recognition and rewards that you deserve, or gaining employment that suits your qualification and lifestyle needs. We are a free service to you, no fees apply.